Blackwood Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Coed Duon

"United we Empower, Nurture, Challenge"

"Wrth Uno mae'n Arfogi i Feithrin a Herioto"

Our INSPIRE Curriculum / Ein Cwricwlwm INSPIRE

At Blackwood Primary School our INSPIRE Curriculum is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and experiences of our pupils, as outlined in Curriculum for Wales 2022. The Four Purposes drive our Curriculum to ensure that learners become,

  • ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives
  • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work
  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society

Please look at the links below to provide you with an understanding of our curriculum journey so far:

INSPIRE Curriculum Explained

Curriculum for Wales



At Blackwood Primary, we are committed to promoting the aims and objectives of the Welsh Government, in developing 1 million Welsh speakers in Wales by 2050 (Cymraeg 2050). We promote progression in Welsh reading, writing, and communication skills in both formal and informal situations to ensure that we are always celebrating our Welsh heritage and language.

All members of the school; staff and pupils are expected to use familiar Welsh words and phrases in the classrooms and around the school. We use Welsh signs all around the school and much of our administration is also bilingual. Our independent areas are labelled with Welsh words and phrases which are age appropriate and build on the language patterns we practise each day. Every year group has a Cwtsh Cymraeg where children can learn , play games and absorb the Welsh language and culture.

As a school, we received our Cymraeg Campus, ‘Arian Bronze Award’ and are currently embedding practices to help obtain our ‘Arian Silver Award’.



Health and Wellbeing at Blackwood Primary School

Health and Wellbeing is at the heart of the school's ethos and vision. The School is a caring, supportive school that promotes pupils' health and wellbeing through a range of rich learning experiences and its unique provision. The high level of care and working relationships between staff and pupils contribute strongly to pupils' health and wellbeing.

The school values all pupils with a strong pupil voice represented with the schools Senedd and Pupil Leadership Group. The school has a strong caring ethos with a clear focus on creating a welcoming, positive learning environment for pupils and staff.