Vision & Values



Making everyone stronger and more confident, to realise their dreams, taking ownership of their futures


To care for and protect everyone while they are growing


To maximise everyone’s potential, across all capacities, to constantly improve


Aims and Objectives

We, at Blackwood Primary School ​

  • Create a happy, caring and safe environment that will stimulate learners to reach their full potential.
  • Provide a stimulating and enriched curriculum that includes fun, inspirational and innovative learning and teaching experiences that meet the needs of the whole school community.
  • Create a nurturing environment where all learners secure high expectations of behavior through promotion of positive values, trust and respect.
  • Engage with the local community and organisations, to develop a culture of collaboration to inspire our learners to become valued citizens of Wales and the World.
  • Develop ambitious, capable learners who can apply knowledge and skills confidently in a range of contexts and real-life situations.
  • Secure high standards through engaging, motivating and challenging all pupils.
  • Ensure all pupils have a voice in their learning, school plans and their futures and become independent thinkers and decision makers.
  • Work effectively to establish a strong partnership between home and school supporting every child in achieving their potential.
  • Ensure that the whole school community has a voice in the improvement of the school.
  • Immerse all pupils in a Curriculum that promotes Welsh values and cultures to ensure that they are ready to be citizens of Wales.
  • Ensure every pupil has equal access to the vision of the school.



When you walk around our school it is clear that we have a caring, kind and well-mannered team (pupils, parents, governors and staff).

The staff and pupils have decided on a set of values that we would like to focus on each month. This ensures that all our pupils, even the youngest ones understand why they are behaving a certain way and also prepares us for life in the outside world. We decided on a list of 22 values. We will have a 2 year rolling programme that fits in with our SEAL programme based on social and emotional well being. Again if you think that there is a value missing that our children will need to learn about please add to the list below.

Value of the Month - Fairness

Year 1

Co-operation | Friendship | Respect | Honesty | Courage | Love | Happiness | Tolerance | Creativity | Positivity | Caring

Year 2

Healthy | Ambitious | Reflection | Fairness | Trust | Freedom | Patience | Thoughtfulness | Compassion | Independence | Hope