It is important we all get our daily dose of exercise. Why not join in with Mrs Cooper or Miss Blanchard's yoga session.

Get the whole family to take part.   

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I’ve seen lots of you planting seeds and learning all about the different parts of a flower. So this weeks yoga is about flowers and seeds. We will start as a seed then grow into a flower. Enjoy!

Here’s a new breathing technique for you to try. Alternate nostril breathing. It’s great for clearing away the cobwebs and giving yourself an energy boost . Enjoy !

This weeks yoga is a trip to the farm. We have lots of farm animal poses to try today. Enjoy!

Today’s yoga includes two new poses, dragon and tree. Balance poses strengthen the body’s muscles and joints. Find your balance and hold the pose. Know that each time you practise, not only will you become stronger and more confident but your coordination will improve too.

This yoga session includes boat pose. As part of a healthy lifestyle, it’s really important to do exercises to keep our fronts and our backs strong . Choose the pose option that best suits you today.

This helps us to calm our bodies and minds. Close your eyes, put on some relaxing music and send out your "Om".