Rights of the Child Super Ambassadors

Helo shwmae,

Croeso to our page. We are the Rights of the Child Super Ambassadors and it is our responsibility to promote the values and principles of the rights of the child.


We have already been very busy this term. We have become part of a Cluster team where we meet with children from Pengam, Markham, Fleur de lis, Cefn Fforest and Libanus Primary schools to collaborate on projects. We have held an assembly with the whole school to explain our roles.


To celebrate the 30th birthday of the UNCRC we held a competition to design a birthday card. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in both phases. Every term the Commissioner for Wales sets us a special mission. This term we will be working with the Eco committee to set up a uniform recycling shop. So please have a look to see if you have any uniforms that your children have grown out of, that can be recycled and used by another child in our school.