Reading Response at home 

As well as your child’s weekly homework tasks we would be grateful if they could also do some reading. When they read in school, we often check their understanding of what they have read through a range of tasks. These are called ‘Targeting level 3, 4 or 5 Top 10 responses.’ We have included the Top 10 booklets for you to use at home with your child. 
Some of the tasks will be familiar to your child, such as a body biography or theme tree. For example, after reading a book they could do a body biography about their favourite character from the book, including quotes, description etc. 
If you need further help with how to use the booklets, please ask your child’s teacher when they make their phone calls to you.
Also included is a link to Oxford Owl which has a selection of free ebooks for your child to read - audio versions are also included.
Ruth Miskin for parents is also a fantastic resource for reading. New things are added every day from 01/06
Again, if you have trouble accessing this resource please ask your child’s teacher when they phone.
We hope that these resources are helpful, and are continuing to look for a wider range of reading resources for you to use at home.