Healthy Eating

Time to get creative with fruit and vegetables. Have fun with fruit and vegetables creating a plate scene. When it’s finished, take a photo and sit back and enjoy your creation.


This week I thought maybe you could follow a recipe to make your own hummus!It’s quick, easy and delicious! Have a go!

Let’s talk about vegetables!

I wonder how many children have tried the vegetables Oliver enjoyed eating in ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’?

Do you eat your vegetables?

This week, I thought we could remember the importance of staying hydrated especially during this lovely weather!

Drinking plenty of water is a perfect way of keeping hydrated.Try adding fruits or ice to make your drink look more exciting!

Lets have a go at making our own pizza!

We want to see what out budding chefs can do. Tweet us your pizza creations @WellbeingBPS

Why not give these a try . Quick and tasty.

Try this simple recipe for spiced apple crisps



Here are some ideas to make breakfast time fun!

Why not make a refreshing fruit salad on these warm summer days.

Join in and tweet your breakfast creations to @WellbeingBPS