Family Liaison Officer


Many of you have seen me in the school office and for those of you that haven’t I’d like to introduce myself. My name Rachel Hancox and my role within the school has changed to become the Family Liaison Officer. This role was created following the Head teacher and governors identifying the need to offer support to families at Blackwood Primary School. 

My role is to support parents and carers to ensure their children can learn positively and flourish during their time at Blackwood Primary School. I liaise with all school staff and always in the best intention of the children. As part of the Safeguarding team, I work closely with outside agencies to support you and your child offering a confidential service to families at times when they may have changes in their lives or just need a bit of extra support. I’m here to listen and care and having access to an extensive range of information, I am able to signpost parents to a variety of services which may help. 

Attendance is such an important aspect of school life, at Blackwood Primary School we believe that every child deserves 100% attendance to engage in all the wonderful opportunities school has to offer. With this in mind I will be looking at raising the attendance levels within school, working in collaboration with Mrs Davies Head Teacher,  Wellbeing lead Miss Jones and our Education Welfare Officer, Mrs Sharon Ryan. I aim to be on the playground before school, my office hours are 8:30 am to 4:15pm, Monday to Friday. I will have appointments available on Wednesday afternoons, starting 26th February 1 - 3pm, where families are welcome to come in and see me if there are any problems they feel they need to discuss, this includes problems outside of education. These appointments can be made via the main office.  


I am going to be running regular Coffee Catch Up, starting Thursday 27th February 2020 9:15 - 10:15am. It is an informal coffee morning where you can get to know me and what I do. Throughout the course of the year we will from time to time invite other agencies to attend our Coffee Catch Ups to give them the opportunity to share their information with you.  


Finally, as a Mum myself I never forget how precious your children are and it is my aim to build strong relationships with you so every child is happy, thriving and fulfilling with potential at Blackwood Primary School. 

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