Here are some vidoes from Mrs Barber and Mrs Jones with some lovely ideas to help keep us all positive and happy whilst we are spending time at home.

We are all missing our friends right now but what does it take to be a good friend? Try to always be the best friend that you can be!

Why not make a ‘pocket hug’ for friends and family?

Have a go at making an emotion maze

Mrs Barber is thinking about who and what she misses today. Why not make your own ‘ I miss you’ tree.

Mrs Barber's looking after ourselves tips

If you’re feeling a bit sad, make a book to remember all the things that make you happy!

Have a go at making your own cheerful chatterbox

What makes you happy boys and girls?

Mrs Jones has made a complimat, why not make your own?

Everybody worries! Why not try creating your own worry poem?

Emotional Charades.

Why not try making your own. What would your scenario’s be?