Reception / Derbynfa


Miss Sims has a Welsh song for you. Use the link to learn some words to help you join in .

Dont forget to tweet us @ReceptionBPS. We love seeing your work. 

Have a go at addition and subtraction using a number line!

Have a go at reading high frequency words in sentences!

Storytime with Mrs Brennan

Learn about 2D and 3D shapes with Mrs Cooper

Mrs Cooper shows us how to make snack time fun!

Cant wait to see your snack creation @ReceptionBPS

Miss Sims shows us how to plant potatoes

Join in and share your planting on twitter - @ReceptionBPS

Remember how to count in2s? Miss Fisher is here to help! Well done Miss Fisher. Then click the link and join in our song!

How does your garden grow?

Have a go at hold a sentence! Use your sound card to help you. Write some ‘I like ... ‘ sentences and upload them to Seesaw!

Try this challange from Miss Sims. 

Share your creations with is on Twitter @ReceptionBPS

Here’s this weeks challenge! Make a flower from things you find outdoors, then label the parts of the plant!