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It’s time to learn a new number! Number 8! Did you know a spider has 8 legs! Make a number 8 spider and keep counting his legs!

Prynhawn da boys and girls. Let’s have a look at our new sound. Our new sound this week is the ‘n’ sound. See what you can find that starts with the ‘n’ sound. Have fun.

Our story this week is Jasper and the beanstalk. You have been busy planting your seeds I wonder if they will grow as big as a beanstalk. Enjoy!

It is so important to practise your cutting skills! Mrs Golding has some fun ways for you to try to help you get super at snipping! Have a go!

Our new number of the week is number 7! Can you order the numbers? Can you say them forwards and backwards? Have a go!

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Did you know a rainbow has 7 colours? Have a look at all the rainbows around you as you go on your daily walk and count the colours - are there 7? Can you say the colours in English and Welsh?

We are going to start looking at our 5 senses. Mrs Cooper has done a video showing us what they are. Can you point to your 5 senses? Can you say them in English and Welsh? Have a go!

Some more Welsh for you to try! This time Mrs Golding is using different Welsh words to describe some Mr Men characters! Can you describe yourself in Welsh? Have a go!

Miss Blanchard and her daughter have found a story about a very sensible, kind and hardworking ant.

Mrs Evans show you how to make an ant out of different shapes.

What shapes have I used?

Here’s a challenge for you! What can you find in your house and garden to make an ant or any other garden creature? 

Miss Powell is helping us learn some sounds today using Read, Write, Inc. 


Watch the video and have a go at home.

Learning all about snails. 

Mrs Evans challange for today.

How many different colours can you make?

What did Mrs cooper see on her walk today?


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Join in with the fun activities below from Mrs Evans and The Nursery Team.

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Are you missing your physical Friday session?

Mrs Evans shows us how to draw an Easter chick

Guess our new topic! Yes - it’s Down on the Farm! So put your wellies on and let’s find out about some animals that live on the farm!

You were all so good at counting objects to 3 last week that this week we’re going to count objects up to 4! I’ve been counting farm animals. What can you count?

Mrs Cooper has been cooking again! This time she has been making Farmyard Vegetable Soup using all the vegetables grown on the farm. Why don’t you have a go at making some soup at home. It’s healthy and tasty!

Meet my friend Lambsie! She wants you to help her order her sheep friends smallest to biggest. Can you help? Can you order your toys smallest to biggest?

I wonder if anyone else can make a farm animal shaped snack! I’d love to see photos of what you’ve made.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely half term! This week we are going to be learning position words such as ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘by’ and in front of’. See if you can describe where the farm animals are!

Can you use position words to describe where Mrs Cooper is hiding?

Why don’t you make some Yoghurt Swirl Lollipops to cool you down on this hot day? Follow the link and Mrs Cooper will show you how!

New sound time!! This weeks sound is ‘t’ and we write down the tower and across the tower. See what things you can find that start with the t sound. I can’t wait to see what you can find

Our number for this week is number 5! Can you count 5 objects and match them to the number 5? Have a go and send me your photos.

I’ve been counting the stripes on some bees and matching them to the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Can you make a group of 3 objects and count them? Have a go!

Meet my friend Mr Buzzy! He’s going to show you how to make a two colour repeating pattern. Have a go yourself and show me the patterns you make.

Here’s a craft activity and a rhyme for you to learn about bees.

Mrs Coopers recipe for honey biscuits

Why don’t you have a go at drawing my friend Mr Buzzy! He’d love to see your pictures!


Why don’t you have a go at drawing my friend Mr Buzzy! He’d love to see your pictures!


As we are busy planting this week why not listen to a story about a little red hen who planted a seed. Find the story on Seesaw and try making a story map to show the order of events. Watch my video to show you how to do it.

Mrs Cooper has made a video to show you all the different parts of a plant. Try and learn all the different names and send me your videos on Seesaw.

Let’s make Piggy biscuits . See if you can make some pig biscuits at home. All you need is icing sugar, a circular biscuit, red food colouring, marshmallows and a circular sweet for the eyes. Have some fun. I can’t wait to see yours.

Shwmae Pawb!! You have all being doing so well with your sounds let’s try blending. Follow my video below to see if you can join sounds together to make words. You can do it! Da Iawn pawb.

This weeks farm story is about a silly goose called Tilly. She has lots of fun on the farm. We made a DIY goose outfit and had lots of fun with this story. It’s become one of our favourite stories.Enjoy!

It’s time for our next number of the week - number 6! Why don’t you try playing this game to help you learn numbers to 6! Have fun!

Here’s another game you can try to help you learn numbers to 6! Have fun!

Bore da boys and girls. Let’s learn the ‘i’ sound. See what things you can find at home or out on your walk that starts with the ‘i’ sound.

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