Anti-Bullying Crew

Helo shwmae,


Croeso to our newsletter page. We are the Anti-Bullying Crew and it is our job to promote a safe and happy environment for all pupils which is free of bullying.


We started the year by taking part in Anti-Bullying Week to launch this year’s ABC. Anti-Bullying Week takes place in the Autumn Term and classes discuss what bullying means and what they should do if they feel they or someone they know is a target for bullying. During this week we wore odd socks for Odd Sock Day to emphasise how everyone is unique in their own way and how we should celebrate this.


This year we have been responsible for designing and implementing worry boxes into each year group. These boxes are there for children to post any worries that they may have so that they can be reviewed discreetly by the ABC members and the class teacher and actions can be taken to resolve a situation.


We have worked with Miss Miller and the Governing Body to review and update our school Anti-Bullying Policy and this can be found on our school website.