Anti-Bullying Crew

Helo Shwmae, Croeso to our page.


We are the Anti-Bullying Crew (or the ABC) and it is our responsibility to promote a safe and happy environment for all pupils which is free of bullying. We will be working on our targets throughout the year.


This term we took part in the national campaign of Anti-Bullying Week with the slogan ‘Change starts with us’. Our crew took a whole school assembly on recognising what bullying is and how we can all make small changes to prevent bullying happening. We celebrated each other’s differences by holding an odd sock day.


Next term we will be collaborating with the Digi Leaders team to visit classes on Internet Safety Day to discuss safety online and how to go about reporting online bullying. We will be asking each year group for ideas on how they think anti-bullying can be improved in our school.

Anti Bullying crew.png