Criw Cymraeg



We are the Criw Cymraeg. We aim to continue improving the Welsh ethos of the school and promote the Welsh language in the school’s wider community.


We have now had our baseline assessment for the Arian award and we know we've got lots more to do in order to achieve it. We have included Welsh as part of guided reading so that we can read Welsh words as well as speak them. Many of us still made lots of things at home for St David’s day during the lockdown as we are very proud to be Welsh!


We may not have been able to run our usual Welsh assemblies due to the pandemic but every class has a Helpwr Heddiw to keep Welsh alive in our classrooms every day. We tweet the Welsh phrase of the week so keep an eye out for that.


We can’t wait until we get to go on the trips with the Urdd next year!


If you would like to learn Welsh, you are just a few clicks away! Visit for all the information and advice you’ll need. You could also try the duolingo app to get you started! 

Diolch for supporting us in becoming confident bilingual citizens of Cymru #proudtobewelsh.